Google Glass: Capture Life

OK, Glass.

This phrase may become as common as sending a text message, as Google plans to move it’s reality glasses out of “Project” phase. Worn around your head, these futuristic looking glasses capture life as it happens with a simple voice command.

Put Google Glass on and tell it to take a picture, send you an event reminder, look something up or capture a video by starting your statement with, “OK Glass,”. We immediately noticed the super sleek design – kudos to hipster glasses company Warby Parker who partnered with Google in mapping out the overall look. The final result is a slim headpiece with understated nose pieces and small camera.

And in four cool colors!

What would you do with Google Glass? Google is currently accepting applications to demo the product, in the form of a 50 word or less pitch for why you should get to try a pair. Submit a convincing argument on Twitter with the hashtag #ifihadglass. Our money is on Neil Patrick Harris, who claims he would document life on the set of “How I Met Your Mother”.

Still skeptical? This video offers an exhilarating explanation of how they will change the way you experience and capture events.

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