Dip Into Ombré

You may be looking for alternatives to common tee-shirt treatments and we think we have the answer: Ombré. Commonly known as “dip-dye”, the style was previously used in paper craft and other home projects.  By definition, Ombré means “colors that shade into each other, from dark to light”, and the idea can work for nearly any object. The versatile technique adds extra color to garments, and can be paired with screen-printing or heat transfer processes to achieve dimension in the design. Not sure about venturing creatively into the world of gradient color? Check out the pioneers of the trend and how both neutral and bright hues produce great results.

(See below for product details)

1. Greta Hat at Monki Accessories

2. Pullover by Quicksilver

3. Zip Hoodie by River Island

4. Cotton Tee by Burton London

5. Maxi Dress by Clu

6. Scarf by Camaieu

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