Hold The Phone: Get Hands on with These iPhone Accessories

Remember when all of our phones had a cord – or at least a dock for charging?  Those clunky receivers and spiral cords are coming back in a cool new way, as the latest accessory for iPhones.  From retro rotary style stands to sleek futuristic handsets, it’s the most unique (and nostalgic) way to make and receive calls.

A great addition to your home office, the Good Call dock has a wireless bluetooth handset and lets you sync/charge the iPhone simultaneously. The handset itself gives you 4 hours of talk time, and preserves custom iPhone ringtone settings when alerting you of a call.

The Pop Phone Retro Handset comes in bright colors or matte black, and is the most portable option.  Just plug the cord into your headphone jack and you are ready to talk, no matter your location.

The ultra modern dock and handset by Native Union is handy anywhere in the home or workplace. The handset lasts up to 6 hours, and can also be paired with a computer for Skype calls.


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